Sunday, 25 July 2010

Bangkok: Baan Pueng Chom (บ้านพึงชม)

N was craving for 3 smellies dish at Baan Pueng Chom restaurant in Soi Ari so she asked if anyone interested to join her. I have heard about this place but never been to so I tagged along on what supposed to be small gathering dinner turn huge party dinner. The ambience was very homely and relaxing. Our waitress was very nice and funny. She kept suggesting dishes for us never ending and we just ordered them all. I was very bad at taking pictures last night coz I stopped bothering after the third dish as we were so engaged in conversations about Older N's wedding which happening in September. Time to diet then!

The most famous dish of Baan Peung Chom is stir fry glass noodles with 3 smellies vegetables. As the name gives away, vegetables use in the dish have strong smell. Even some Thai might hate them. They are Sataw - สะตอ (or stink bean or petia); which is my fave, strong smell and taste, very strong that you can even smell it when you urine after eating), Cha Om - ชะอม (or acacia pennata); a common vegetable which Thai loves to eat with
Naam Prik or Chilli dip, and กระเทียมโทน which basically is a type of garlic that have been preserved. The dish has very authentic taste and not too bland. One dish is never enough coz we ended up ordering 4 dishes to share among 11 of us.

We have ordered Som tum pla too (ส้มตำปลาทู) to try. It's basically papaya salad mixing with mackerel. If you don't like the taste of fishy mackerel then you would hate this dish but as Thai people, I rarely see anyone hate mackerel so I'm pretty positive most of people wouldn't mind it. If you like your somtum in more subtle context, you'll probably like this dish as well. Actually if you don't like strong and sharp tasting food, you'll like food here. I would say this dish is like easy to eat dish but I would like my food to have more sharp taste. Other dishes worth mentioned about are Tod Mun Hua Plee (ทอดมันหัวปลี) which is deep fried crispy banana flower and beef fried rice. The price isn't too bad coz we must have ordered at least 25 dishes last night and it only costed about Baht3,300 or roughly about USD100. I would probably take my parents to eat here soon coz I know they would enjoy it.

Baan Pueng Chom (บ้านพึงชม)

Soi Jue Jitr, Pahol Yothin 7 (Soi Ari), Bangkok

Tel. 02 2794204
BTS: Ari

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