Thursday, 12 August 2010

Bangkok: Kizahashi

We just heard from M that she got accepted to further her study in Scotland and will leave Bangkok this September. It has been a long while since we last met her so I decided to set up a farewell dinner for her before she goes away. I was craving okonomiyaki for a while now and decided to purpose "Kizahashi" as a dining spot for this dinner. I think everyone was in 'whatever' mode so we booked a table and went there last Saturday.

The thing about Kizahashi is that it is Japanese restaurant which is centric in Kansai teppan style. You can make your own teppan, okonomiyaki and monjya yaki. I have tried this place before and love the fact that I can get to do my okonomiyaki (however it looked horrible but tasted still good!). Fortunately, S the Chef was with us today so he was in full cooking mode and helped us working with teppan!

Mentaigo, cheese and mochi monjya & buta okonomiyaki

We ordered 2 pork and 2 seafood okonomiyaki and we couldn't get enough of it! You can put as much okonomiyaki sauce/mayonaise as you like. I think it is a bit of an adventure that you are able to cook your own food.

Teppan buttered enoki & yakisoba

We also ordered buttered enoki, mentaigo, cheese and mochi monjya yaki and yakisoba to eat. Somehow monjya was a little to bland for me this time. I used to like this a lot. Maybe I should have put some salt into that. Yakisoba, though, was fantastic. Credit went to S the Chef since he was the one who putting on sauces. It was very yummy that we order another round of yakisoba to share.

Kushikatsu & Oden

Aside from teppan food, I ordered mixed kushikatsu (deep fried food with dipping sauce) and Oden. Kushikatsu was very Kansai style, nice and crispy. I'm in love with deep fried stuff! Oden, though, was bland. So far, the best Oden in Thailand is at Utaandon, 6th floor at Isetan. So if you are really into Oden, I wouldn't recommend for you at Kizahashi but if you are just hungry and need to something to eat rightaway. Oden is for you.

It was a great get-together dinner. I hope M have eaten enough of Japanese food since Japanese food in Scotland is nowhere near this. We'll miss you anyway. Safe trip and study hard. Bon voyage!

12/70-72, Soi Atthakrawi 1,
Sukhumvit 26 (Opposite Nihonmachi/K-Village)
Tel: 02 2589126

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