Friday, 13 August 2010

Bangkok: Garden Court at Chaophya Hotel

Yesterday was a national holiday here in Thailand as it was the birthday of Her Majesty the Queen and it was also a Mother's Day. My family was not an excecption from rest of Thai people who want to dine on special occasion. However, we were a bit slow to realise as we only thought about making reservation around 6 pm on 11th August! My mum is a big fan of 2 things; Grilled river prawns and Peking Duck. So we were discussed on what we should eat. I suggested Peking Duck since I was craving Chinese food. We phoned Rama Garden Hotel, where our fave Chinese restaurant located, first and got turned down as it was fully booked. We almost gave up when mum suggested we tried the one at Chaophya Hotel, our previous fave. Fortunately there were tables available so we reserved our seats and a Peking duck for lunch.

Har Gow, Shumai and steamed spareribs

When we got there, it was like a big banquet going on. They even had a map of tables so you would know where you sit. I realised then that we were really lucky to get table. We ordered some dim sum to eat as starters. I think shumai and har gow were oversteamed coz the flour sheets outside were too damp. The taste isn't bad though. As for the small spare ribs, it was very very yummy. I love it!

The hot and sour soup wasn't quite hitting me. It wasn't bad but not impressive. I used to love their hot and sour soup so much. I don't know if the taste has changed or I have tasted better soup somewhere else.

Stir fry fish with XO

We ordered deep fried shrimp with fruit salad and stir fry fish with XO sauce to eat. The salad was alright. Generally good, I would say. While the fish was very fresh and the sauce wasn't too overpowered the fish. It was nice to eat just by themselves without rice.

Finally, our Peking duck arrived. We were so disappointed with the flour sheets as they were so dry and hard. It should have been soft and bit moist. The flour sheets were also smaller than what we used to have. The duck skin was still as nice as before anyway. As for the hoisin sauce, it was okay, although I'd preferred Crystal Jade's more. We asked them to stir fry the duck meat but were too full to eat so we took that home. We had it this morning, mum said it was too bland but I actually like it. Usually I like my food salty and mum likes her more mellow, not too much. So it was weird to hear that we were going for opposite direction!

The food here might not be as awesome as before. It could be due to the over-crowded. But services were excellent. The waitresses who looked after my table were very attentive and nice. I don't think we will come back for Peking duck here again if our favourite choices are available.

Garden Court
1st Floor Chaophya Hotel

Ratchdapisek Road, Bangkok
Tel : 02 2900125 Ext. 7143, 7144
MRT: Sutthisan
Open: Lunch 11.30 – 14.30 hrs. ; Dinner 18.00 – 22.30 hrs.

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  1. I love Peking Duck- it's so hard to find a place that does it right. I'm always looking for new restaurants to try so I'll be visiting your blog again!