Saturday, 5 June 2010

Bangkok: Tuba

Last Saturday, I was having NGO meeting again with the D sisters and S. We were googling for cocktail and good food. S suggested "Tuba" at Ekamai Soi 21 for us. She said "Good food, big cocktail, get drunk quickly" which seems to suit our style. However, D2 was all for outdoor at the moment regardless of the super hot weather of Bangkok so we went to "To Sit" at Lang Suan first. It turned out to be completely disaster (Sweet food, cocktail without any hint of alcohol) so we had to evacuate to Tuba as soon as possible in order to make it before the end of Happy Hour.

After struggling with Bangkok's traffic, we finally arrived at Tuba. This place has many great pieces of furniture which, of course,you can buy any if you want. We just ordered cocktails as soon as we got there. I ordered Apple Daiquiri which was amazingly good. Not too much of alcohol. We tried to finish the drink before 8pm so we can order another round for free. I actually forgot what we drank (since I was already tipsy) but they all were very good. You can order all their cocktails as they are amazing awesome!

On to the food, we were starving and so we ordered so much from baked mushroom, lobster bisque, spicy raw salmon, black ink pasta, sirloin steak and spicy fried rice. The food were impressive. They did western food very well as well as Thai food which they made them very spicy just like their names.

The only 2 down points of this place is small and jammed parking lot and the price of food. Not for everyday eating but definitely for special occasion or hanging out with friends.


30 Soi Ekamai 21,
Sukhumvit 63, Bangkok
Tel. 02 711 5500
BTS: Thong Lor or Ekamai

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