Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Bangkok: Greyhound Cafe

I attended seminar last Friday and supposed to meet D1 who worked nearby for a wonderful lunch. However, she texted me that she got handful of things to sort so couldn't make it. I didn't want to lose my high spirit so I followed my plan stricly and drove to Central Chidlom for lunch at Greyhound Cafe.

Greyhound Cafe is a hip restaurant serving great fusion food. I, of course, must order one of their signature drink, Lemon Ice Tea.

The thing about their ice tea is instead of using general ice cube made from water, they used ice cube made from the lemon ice tea itself. Meaning you can enjoy your drink when it started to melt. Unfortunately, I usually finish the drink before the ice has a chance to melt!

I was a bit torn when it comes to food order for lunch. I ended up choosing "Fish and Chip" which is my comfort food. Their Fish and Chip is actually one of the very good Fish and Chip in Bangkok. However, overlooking other tables, I regretted my choice a bit. I mean I could go for pasta or some noodles! Oh well, the F&C was yummy as ever. It was a great meal. I wish D1 was joining me so we could have their yummy dessert as well!

Greyhound Cafe
4th Floor, Central Childlom
Tel. 02 255 6964-5
BTS: Chid Lom

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