Monday, 17 May 2010

Nonthaburi: Ootoya at The Mall Ngamwongwan

I was attending a seminar last Tuesday, although they provided free lunch but I couldn't really bother with it (You know how free food work: may or may not be good food but MASSIVE people, you end up not eating anything). I drove straight to The Mall Ngamwongwan, somewhere near home with choices of food.

After much of calculation, I revisited Ootoya, hoping to have my Kimchi Tofu soup as my comfort food. Anyhow, guess what, they said they don't have any Kimchi. I wasn't upset or anything, just thinking I will probably not reunite with the Kimchi soup anymore coz this is 2nd time they said that to me.

So I ordered Miso Katsu. Well, how would I say. The miso is probably TOO strong to my liking. The rest are up to Ootoya's standard though. The only good thing about this meal is tons of taro cubes in my soup which made me happy. I guess if you want to try and up to your taste then, please go ahead. But if you have tried original Miso Katsu then I wouldn't recommend.

The Mall Ngamwongwan Branch
Ground Floor

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