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Bangkok: Somboon Seafood (สมบูรณ์โภชนา)

Yesterday was reunion day for me. I had a dinner meeting with my close friends from uni at Somboon Seafood restaurant on ratchada road at 7pm. I was suppose to meet up with K at Central Ladprao so we could go together by MRT so I decided to drop by and meet with B who came down for job interview as professor at our old uni who happened to be at Central Ladprao as well. It was really nice to catch up with old friends and to see how far we all have come. From Political Science students to what we are these days, such a big thing!

After I parted with B, I met up with K and walked to MRT station where we met N coincidentally! She is still the funny person as always so if you guys happened to see 2 girls and 1 guy at Pahon Yothin Station laughing hysterically at 6.40pm yesterday, it was us!

We got to the restaurant with only 5 of us since the others were still stuck on the road. You can imagine how bad traffic can be on pay-day Friday night! So we ordered Grilled Seafood plate (รวมมิตรทะเลเผา) and Fried Oyster Omelette (ออส่วน) to eat as appetizer first. Seafood was fresh and their dipping sauces are awesome; spicy and sour just the right amount. The oyster omelette was generally good with many oysters in good size in it.

Once we finished these two dishes, the remaining two friends were still nowhere near the restaurant so we ordered some more. We asked for Preserved Crabs Spicy Salad (ยำปูดอง) which is technically raw preserved crabs topping with spicy and sour sauce, Noodle with geese legs (บะหมี่ขาห่าน), shrimp cakes (ทอดมันกุ้ง) and crab fried rice (ข้าวผัดปู). The salad one was incredibly good. The topping sauce was absolutely amazing; the taste of spiciness and sour are just right with a tad of sweetness and saltiness. The other 3 dishes were pretty medicore, not that impressive.

Once N and N arrived, we started ordering the real stuff. We defintely had to order their famous "Fried Curry Crabs" (ปูผัดผงกะหรี่). They even claimed to be the best curry crabs in the world! (see below)

The highlight of this dish must be the sauce they fried the crabs with. It was very very nice and went so well with rice. I think they have put some eggs into the curry sauce so it was very mild and yummy. My mouth is watering by just thinking about it!

The "Deep Fried Seabass with Sweet Fishsauce" (ปลากระพงทอดน้ำปลา) was medicore. I think the sauce was a little bit too sweet. Anyhow, the spicy seafood dipping sauce can definitely help in tasting!

The "Crab Meat Rolled Cake" (หอยจ้อ) wasn't too bad as they used real crab meat so it was absolute yummy!

The "Salty Steamed Shrimp" (กุ้งอบเกลือ) wasn't too salty. Shrimps were quite fresh so we were pretty much enjoy using our fingers taking off shell.

We also ordered stir-fry water mimosa and stir-fry kang kong as veggie dishes of the meal. We finished the night off with Sticky Rice with Mango which was a real heaven!

Overall, the food here is good and the price isn't too bad (still pricey but with this quality in Bangkok, I think it is acceptable). Somehow, Somboon is actually quite famous internationally. I know that members of Thai Royal Family, Prince Akishino of Japan and Princes from Brunei have visited their restaurant and dined there (from pictures and what I heard during my part-time job as ASEM meeting staff). If that isn't assuring enough, I'm sure this picture below can;

Mr. Koizumi, ex-Prime Minister of Japan at Somboon Seafood restaurant.

Somboon Seafood (สมบูรณ์โภชนา)
Ratchada Branch
167/9-12 Huay-Kwang Intersection,
Ratchadapisek Rd., DinDeang, Bangkok 10320
Tel. 02-692-6850-3
Fax. 02-692-6854
MRT: Huay Kwang exit 3

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