Sunday, 2 May 2010

Nonthaburi: Ootoya at The Mall Ngamwongwan

Japanese food is such a popular cuisine in Thailand these days. Choices are variety; from Thai style Japanese food in food court to very traditional Japanese food that can be found in Japanese town. If you ask me where can you have comfort Japanese food, I would say "Ootoya".

Although it is chain restaurant that you can found in major shopping centers in Bangkok, the food here is very Japanese tasting in home-made style. You won't find much of fancy stuffs or snacks, such as sushi or
Izakaya food. However, you will get a decent meal from here. Order can be made whether in set which comes with a bowl of refillable rice, Miso soup, preserved vegetable and side-dish, or just only the dish itself.

I went to The Mall Ngamwongwan this lunch, hoping to do some toiletries shopping at Watsons, only to find out that there is no Watsons at The Mall Ngamwongwan! I wasn't feeling well since yesterday with some tummy-ache so I was craving some comfy food. I decided to have lunch at Ootoya which is located on the ground floor next to the supermarket.

As I sat down, the waitress asked me if I wanted cold or hot green tea as they provide free refillable green tea. I opted for cold one and ordered my Kimchi and Tofu soup in set. Shortly after that they came back to inform me that Kimchi isn't delivered yet so I ordered my favourite comfort food,
Oyako-don, in set instead.

Ten minutes later, my brunch was served. Oyako-don came in a pretty ceramic bowl with cover, with side-dish of simmered assorted vegetables (carrot, peas, white radish and gobo), preserved vegetable and Miso soup.

I really like Miso soup here. It isn't too salty and the smell of soup is very inviting. What I noticed though, in the soup, there is no longer small dices of taro in it which is my favourite things in miso soup. I don't know if all Ootoya restaurants have changed their recipes from having taro in miso soup or just only this branch.

The Oyako-don itself is very good. Since I really like Oyako-don, I have tasted a lot of Oyako-don and find that in most restaurant, it came in very bland taste. Most of the time, I have to add more Shoyu (Soy sauce). But with Oyako-don here, it is perfect! Taste is absolutely right and it wasn't too soggy so I can still enjoy the japanese rice underneath.

It was a very pleasant meal for me. The staff were very attentive and food is very nice. If you look for a proper Japanese meal, I would recommend Ootoya for you.

Ootoya (โอโตยะ)
The Mall Ngamwongwan Branch
Ground Floor

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