Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Bangkok: Prapak

I admit, I am addicted to friends. Not in the way that I want to be with them 24hours or can't do anything on my own. More like, I can't get enough of them. When the conversation went on and on, I always felt like 'can't we just stay to talk more? coz it's so fun to have u guys around'. Last saturday was one of those nights that I still wanted some more (of chitchats). So I suggested we should have cakes at Prapak Restaurant (ประพักตร์), these glutons/sugar addicted friends of mine just nodded their heads. Therefore, after Yakiniku, we headed off for some sweets.

Prapak is a restaurant that quite well-known for their cakes actually. I heard it is one of Thai famous actress' favourite place. I have never tried their food but seems like other tables were enjoying the food as well so maybe it is also good?

I'm actually not a sweet person. I rarely crave for cakes and can only enjoy few spoons-full of cakes to satisfy. However, the rest of my companions that night were Cake-Addicted. They were ooh and ahh over the choices Prapak had to offer.

We ordered White Chocolate Cake. I thought it would be white cake with white chocolate topping, turned out it was chocolate cake with white chocolate topping. It wasn't too sweet but not the best I have ever tried. Actually,
Deli House's White Chocolate Cheese Cake is so much better.

Mulberry Cheesecake was good. It wasn't too sweet so people who don't like sweet-sweet thing will defintely enjoy this. We also ordered Strawberry Yoghurt Cake but I forgot to take picture. I just can't stand the taste and smell of it so I'm quite amazed that Prapak's Strawberry Yoghurt Cake has wowed me. It was very light and tasted very very yummy.

My Ice Tea was also nice. The down point of this place is the price actually. For 3 cakes and 5 drinks, it costed us Baht500. I think somehow it is too pricey and the taste of their cakes,only some, are up to my liking. I probably will try for their main course next time.

Prapak Restaurant (ประพักตร์)
89/165 Soi Sammakorn 1
Prachaniwet 1 Road, Bangkok
Tel. 02 580-4651
Opening hour: 11.00-21.00 (Close on Monday)

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