Sunday, 18 April 2010

Singapore: Ippudo Ramen

Last fall when I went to Japan, I walked pass an empty Ippudo store in Ebisu. It was only 5pm and we just had tempura-don at 3pm so nothing happened. However, I still regret to these days for not crying out loud that I wanted to eat that (even though my tummy would be explode after that). So I have put down "Ippudo" on the eat list that I must have for this trip. As my last wish hasn't been fulfilled, I met up with Y for lunch on the last day before I came back home.

We got to Mandarin Gallery just before noon, there were still empty seats inside so we didn't have to wait for our ramen. Me and Y both ordered Akamaru Tamago and a plate of gyoza to share.

Gyoza (SG$6) arrived first. It was very juicy inside. However, I feel like it's okay if you miss this dish, it's not like a must or anything.

Our Akamaru Tamago (Akumaru ramen with extra egg - SG$17) finally arrived afterwards. I was very excited to finally able to taste it. The soup was very rich and fatty, however, I don't feel like it's too heavy or anything. I can still enjoy the first spoon and last spoon of soup in the same phase. The buta bara (pork belly) was very very tender, the fat was basically melted when you ate it. I would wanna try their Chasyu rice and their pork bun coz the pork seems very promising to me.

Their staff are very nice and attentive as I observed how they explained the menu to those who don't understand the japanese they are using. I would definitely say it is pleasant visit and I will definitely visit Ippudo Singapore again.

Ippudo Singapore
Mandarin Gallery
333A Orchard Road
Singapore 238867

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