Saturday, 17 April 2010

Singapore: Food Opera at ION Orchard

As I mentioned in the last post that me and friends had lunch before we headed for Arteastique, I was a bit torn to make decision on what to eat since I had such a short time in Singapore (3 days) but so much to eat! So Y asked me to list down what I don't want to miss. I said "Beef noodle, Yong Tau Food, hor fun and steamboat" (No kidding, I EAT A LOT). She said we can make it at food court so we decided to give Food Opera at ION Orchard a try.

We decided to go order dishes that we want and share. I went out to get Fu Lin Tau Fu Yuen's Yong Tau Foo for soupy one. The soup tasted good but somehow the stuffs I picked weren't that fulfilled. Maybe it was the matter of my choice?

Y got us Fatty Weng’s fried oyster omelette. It wasn't too soggy and oily. It was very pleasant. Oysters might be small but plenty to find. I turned out to really dig this dish.

C joined us a bit later and she got the message that we wanted Scotts beef noodle. It was okay, not disgusting but not over the top. The meat ball was very nice anyway.

It was amazing how we took 2 hours to finish just 3 dishes. Or maybe it was due to the fact that us girls never shut up? The ambience was actually quite nice since we sat behind the dessert counter and since it was week-day so no one was rushing us to finish our food. There were so many things to try so this could be my eat when I go to Singapore in the future.

Food Opera
Level B4
ION Orchard

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