Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Bangkok: Ramen Tei

Last Sunday, I met up with S to catch up and give her stuffs she asked me to buy from Singapore. We arranged to meet up at Emporium since our so called second home, Central World, was still surrounded by protesters. I texted her the night telling her I was craving cold soba/udon/ramen so we decided to have lunch at Ramen Tei in Sukhunvit 33/1.

Menu on the table

As you can see the menu here is in Japanese and in Romaji which is definitely a hinder for people who aren't familiar with Japanese language and food. However, there are pictures of all food in menu so to make life easier, you can just point to the waitress for what you want to order!

We were seated at the countert so we got to watch people in kitchen working on their food. I reckoned there was one or two Japanese chefs and the rest were Thai. That can also be said about the customers on the other way around. We were seated side by side with Japanese salary men!

We ordered stir-fry black chinese mushroom with egg (Kikurage Tamago Itame - Baht120) to share. I am a fan of black chinese mushroom anyway so this dish was really good. It was crunchy with good taste. It mixed well with egg. I think I had like 2/3 of this dish on my own!

I ordered cold ramen (Hiyashi Ramen - Baht150)as my main dish. It was a big portion that in the end I can't finish all the noodle. The noodle was al-dente and very nice with the cold tasty sauce. I really enjoyed it as it was very refreshing.

I forgot what S has ordered and I didn't take the picture as well. All I remembered was she finished her bowl so it must have been good!

Ramen Tei
Soi Sukhumvit 33/1 (Near Fuji Supermarket)
Tel. 02 662-0050
BTS station: PromPong

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