Sunday, 25 April 2010

Bangkok: Los Cabos

I had a girl's evening out with the D sisters and S yesterday. You can called it as NGO people meeting since all of us are working in development field for 4 different organisations. I knew the D sisters coz we used to work in the same organisation and S is one of my close friends from uni. Long story short, I brought them to meet up and we were all friends.

We arranged a meeting at Mexican restaurant called "Los Cabos" in Soi Sukhumvit 14.

The restaurant has both indoor and outdoor seats. It was very spacious inside with colourful decoration. The food here is claimed to be Californian Mexican which to be honest I don't know the difference from original Mexican.

We got there around 5 pm and their Happy Hour was still going, so some of us ordered drinks from the happy hour drink list above.

From left to right: D2's Frozen Lime Magarita (Baht95), D1's Frozen Mango Magarita (Baht145) and my Pomegranate Mojito (Baht110), both not in Happy Hour list.

I was having the best night coz, whatever I ordered, they turned out to be the best ever. The pomegranate mojito was super yummy; not too sweet and sour with generous amount of rum. It was very refreshing and everyone seemed to like it too. D2's Lime Magarita was as good as general Magarita but D1's Mango Magarita was a bit disappointing. It was very bland, not enough taste of alcohol or mango. We think perhaps it was because it was blending with ice so the taste has gone with the ice.

S wasn't arrived yet so we ordered some starters to share while waiting for her.

Chicken Quesadilla (Baht175) was very nice. The salsa was also very good. However if you seek some spiciness, you might have to ask for their special sauce to go with.

The Chicken Nachos (half portion - Baht175) was a bit disappointing though. It was too dry and you would feel like there isn't enough sauce, whether it's salsa, sour cream or others. It was a bit too bland for our liking, esp. with D sisters since they love spicy stuffs!

S arrived just in time for the food and my second drink. I ordered Blue Marlin Magarita (Baht145) and it was the best magarita I have ever tried! I sorta have a thing for blue cocktails but after my incident in Hyderabad (blue cocktail at bar in Novotel hotel which tasted like alcohol detergent), I usually avoid any blue-coloured food/drinks to save myself from horror. But this drink has got to be the best!

S ordered Grilled California Chicken Salad (Baht250) which came in generous portion. The vinaigrette was amazingly light and went so well withe vegetable. I especially love the tiny tomatoes and avocado they put in. So good!

D1 ordered half rack of BBQ Pork Ribs (Baht325) to share. The meat was juicy and the sauce was really good. If we weren't too full, we could have ordered full rack to eat coz it was very very very good!

I ordered Chicken Fajitas (Baht395) which came in sizzling hot plate with other condiments and flour tortillas. I have to admit that I really like the chicken and cooked onions in this dish. It is the first time I really enjoy onions (But still I would rather live without onions).

As the drinks have dried out, we decided to order Frozen Blue Marlin Magarita in pitcher (Baht480) to share. I have to admit this restaurant is very generous with the alcohol they put in all their drinks. I really enjoy all the drinks very much.

We had a really relaxing time at Los Cabos with all the good food and drinks. I would definitely make a visit again in the future since the price isn't bad as well.

Los Cabos
Sukhumvit 14 (สุขุมวิท14)

BTS and MRT: Asok

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