Tuesday, 24 April 2012

New York: Shake Shack

Hello everyone from New York!

I am now on my work mission in New York, the city I never thought I would get a chance to return (let's be honest, I am Europe&Japan biggest fan so the thought of returning to US never cross my mind). Anyway, with help from Tee, I received a list of places I must check out (food wise) and top of the list is Shake Shack.

Tee told me that Shake Shack has a branch in Kuwait as well so I was thinking that must mean something. After shopping and sightseeing at Times Square, I went to Shake Shack at Theatre district for food. There was a queue but it moved fast. We ordered "to go" since there was practically no seats available though it was already 9 something pm when we got there. 

We ordered their cheeseburgers which was in medium cooked and cheesie fries which was AMAZING. It was melted cheese dip and like proper cheese unlike those we get at McDonald's in Thailand. It was even good the morning after! (I know I'm being unhealthy, eating leftover fries and cheese but it was REALLY GOOD!) My friend M ordered vanilla shake and she said it was good also. She loves their burger since she didn't expect it to be good. So if you come to New York, do come and try Shake Shack. I think it really lives up to it name!

Shake Shack
691 8th Avenue & 44th Street
New York
(Many branches)
website:  http://shakeshack.com/

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  1. I'm glad you're having a great time and enjoying the food! I can't wait to try all the places on the list- I'll have to visually taste them on your blog :)