Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Bangkok: Gab Khao Gab Pla (กับข้าวกับปลา)

I know, I know. It has been forever since I was blogging. I would say it was due to the flood and maybe a little bit of my laziness that made me so quiet. The flood actually affected Foodies in Bangkok since some of the food missed out on shelf, esp. bottle water. It wasn't a pleasant time to go out and dine out anyway when you have to worry whether your house will be flooded or not. Alas, I'm safe now so I shall bring you more food!

Had a luncheon with my friends last Sunday coz it has been a while since we last met. We met up at our usual spot of Central World. While deciding what we should eat, someone mentioned we should try Gab Khao Gab Pla by Iberry coz their food is quite nice. I have read some reviews about this place before and actually quite skeptical coz they seem to have problem with their services (i.e. lack of staff, food slow etc.) but decided to give them a chance anyway.

Pandanus drink was popular among us. I didn't taste it though so I didn't know if it was sweet or not but I guess not since no one complained.

Starter we had crispy somtam and peking duck roll. The crispy somtam is basically deep fried papaya toping with spicy dressing. It was good, really kicked my taste buds. The duck roll which was similar to general Peking Duck was okay. Nothing to rave about really.

Caesar salad was actually quite nice. It wasn't too soggy and dressing wasn't overpower the vegetable. So nice.

Two spaghetti dishes we ordered; the first one was spicy bacon and next was cabonara. The first one tasted very strong and spicy. It was a pleasant spicy if you asked. So when cabonara came, we found that it tasted so weak. We assumed coz the first one was so strong already. I would recommend the spicy bacon one.

For dessert, we chose waffle with ice creams. I like their waffle, it was crispy outside yet soft inside. Very yummy and a nice way to end the meal.

Now talk about what I was skeptical about, their services. They really do have problem with it. Fortunately that we didn't encounter much of slow serving food since we were there just before the lunch time but they seem to lack of staffs. The one who took our order seemed to blur out from so many things he had to do. I guess if you come during their busy hours, you might face with some hiccups.

Gab Khao Gab Pla(กับข้าวกับปลา)
6th floor Central World
BTS: Siam

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