Sunday, 23 October 2011

Bangkok: Grand San Yod (แกรนด์แสนยอด)

It's been a while since I last updated. To be honest, I have been pretty much glued to the news about the flood in Thailand. It has got to the point where it gets on my nerve now as I feel like we all are living in fear, whether the flood will hit Bangkok/our house or not.

Anyhow, on other notes, I went out to see my friends last week to pick up some stuffs at Central World so we decided to try new restaurant. Grand San Yod (แกรนด์แสนยอด) is not new restaurant but somehow we never set foot in. Their specialty is Chinese food which I was craving a bit.

We first ordered fried fish with chilli sauce. It was a good mixture of sweet, tangy and spicy taste. It would go so well with hot rice.

Their clay pot tofu was also good with seafood in it. It's very hearty dish - love the tofu!

I ordered Jelly fish salad when waitress asked if I wanted the Chinese style (with sesame oil) or Thai style (spicy sauce), I decided to go for Chinese and it wasn't disappointing. I feel the jelly fish is more chunky than the one at Crystal Jade. Taste wise is as good as Crystal Jade.

Overall, their food is good and definitely there will be next time for me.

Grand San Yod (แกรนด์แสนยอด)
6th Floor
Central World
BTS: Siam

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  1. My friend loves this restaurant. I'm glad you're flood-free too, but I'm sure there'll always be this constant worry until we're out of the danger zone. It's good to be back and protect the house in case something happens. And yes- there were Thai people everywhere in Seoul, especially group tours in every cosmetic shops!