Saturday, 14 May 2011

Geneva: Gelato Mania

Sorry that I seemed to be disappeared. I just came back from work trip in Geneva, which has been amazing beyond my expectation, both the city itself and my work. I was there to learn about Universal Periodic Review which is a process that review human right issues in each country by other State members of UN. It was amazing what Civil Society can also do in this part to level up our countries' human right standard. Anyhow, this is not a place for me to talk about it but if you are interested, please find out more information at UN's Office of High Commissioner for Human Rights.

I arrived at Geneva on last Saturday and only had that one free day to explore the town. The weather in Geneva was amazing, 20 degrees something with sunshine. So after walking around town for a bit, I saw people queuing up for ice cream at this place quite near my hotel. I asked our reception and she told me it was the best place in town so I jumped in to join the queue!
coffee and cocoa in small cup

Everything was in Frech (of course) so I used the knowledge of French which I learned 12 years ago to get on by. I was suppose to order Caramel and Cocoa but the sale person misunderstood caramel for Cafe which is coffee. Sent me to panic a bit since I don't drink coffee and never had coffee ice cream before (yes, such person existed in the society). But after the first taste of their coffee gelato, I am totally converted! It was probably one of the nicest gelato I ever had. It wasn't too sweet and the coffee taste wasn't that bad (though my colleague, S, said it was quite strong. I guess she was right since she had coffee ice cream before, I on the other hand was a coffee-virgin). Cocoa was also nice but at that point, it was all about coffee gelato for me!

chocolate chips with coffee and caramel with condensed milk

The last day before I left Geneva, I dropped by the place with S for some more gelato. We got two for each cup so we ended up having 4 types of gelato to try! I wanted to try caramel as S said it was delicious and wanted my coffee as usual. S made ordered for the chocolate chip (Stracciatella) and the condensed milk one. We were two happy people sitting in a bench eating ice cream! The condensed milk one was very interesting and nice. Not over sweet. Caramel was also good.

If you happen to be in Geneva, around the lake. Be sure to walk to Rue des Pâquis for some ice cream at Gelato Mania - totally worth it!

Gelato Mania
Rue des Pâquis 25,
1201 Genève, Switzerland

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  1. I love gelato and this place looks amazing! It must've been nice to enjoy that on the beautiful streets of Geneva!

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