Saturday, 5 March 2011

Bangkok: Ha Yak Somtum (ห้าแยกส้มตำ)

To be honest, I don't know the real name of this place as I first went to this place on the night I was tipsy with Double D sisters. So for the second time, I was much sober as we decided to have NGO dinner after a hard working day. This place is actually quite well-known as S told the taxi driver to go to 'somtum restaurant in Intamara area' and the driver just knew the place instantly.

When you go to Isaan (North-Eastern of Thailand) restaurant, of course, you have to order Somtum. We ordered like 3 types of Somtums; with salted eggs, with salty crab and the one with wild tamarind. They all were super yummy.

The porched pork with spicy sour sauce (หมูมะนาว) was a big hit. The spiciness went well with cold Chinese kale. Very mouth-watering dish.

Next one is pork liver with spicy sauce (ตับหวาน), I didn't eat this one coz I'm not a fan of liver but friend said it was good.

We ordered some more stuff but I didn't manage to take any pictures as the girls were so fast with their food. Overall, their food is good. Decent price with relaxing atmosphere. I will definitely come back.

Ha Yak Somtum (ห้าแยกส้มตำ)
Direction: Make a left turn into Suthisan road and make a right turn into Soi Intamara 22. Go straight on according to the road. The restaurant will be on the left after after the car care.

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  1. I haven't had moo manao in a looong time. Another foodie meeting would be great- do you have any place in mind?