Saturday, 6 November 2010

Bangkok: Siriwan Hoy Tod (ศิริวรรณ หอยทอด)

Friday is the day I look forward to read "Daily news" newspaper as the famous food critic & chef, Khun McDang will write a column about eating place. It is a good source for me and family to choose place to dine out. This week, he wrote about 'Siriwan Hoy Tod', the restaurant which is famous for, well if you can understand Thai you will be able to guess, 'HOY TOD'. (Hoy Tod is quite similar to oyster omelet, just that it is more crispy and use mussels instead of oysters)

I have eaten at Siriwan before but that must have been like 10 years ago at their original branch at Muang Thong Thani. Fortunately yesterday was my last day as vegetarian so me and mum drove to eat out at one of their branches on Kaset-Nawamin Road today.

We ordered Poached Fish Ball to try as Khun McDang said it was good. It was not the best in my opinion but better than some place for sure. There was no fishy taste or smell in the fish ball. Anyhow, the spicy seafood dipping sauce was very very nice. Just the right taste of spiciness, sourness and sweetness!

I ordered Crispy Hoy Tod in sizzling pan. It was very crispy so people who love crispiness, like my mum, would love this. Although the mussels were quite small but I don't think I can complain since it was very nice.

Mum ordered Kway Teow Kua Kai (stir fry noodle with chicken and preserved squid). I took a taste and it was quite nice. You can smell the scented of sesame oil mixing cooked with noodle which gives out very aromatic yummy scent.

This meal is surprisingly cheap as we paid only Baht190 (only about $7) and we even left some food on plate as the portion was quite huge. I felt very satisfied esp. after my vegetarian life.

Talking about vegetarian life, I feel like it is not about the food. It is more like the will power of how I would "hang in there". The ironic thing is my office provide lunch for staff every working day so usually they would cook a lot of vegetable dish for us. But this past week, they have cooked a lot of meat dishes and even some are my favourite dishes like garlic pork, chicken tom yum etc. It is as if I was being tested whether I have the will power to go on as vegetarian or not. I did not succumb to those delicious food so quite proud of myself for that.

Siriwan Hoy Tod
on Kaset-Nawamin Road
(just before Phranakorn Honda Automobile, New Kaset Branch)

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  1. I love Kway Teow Kua Kai and that one looks good! For quite a simple dish, I don't find it as readily available as some other noodle dishes.

    I agree with you that the vegetarian thing is about the willpower. The main reason I was unable to do it every Thursday is because good food is available right on that day :(

    BTW, the lomo picture was taken at Bon Marche market. They got some pretty good food there too!