Thursday, 22 July 2010

Bangkok: Ashita

Mum called just before I left the office, asking me to stop by at hawker food stalls on the way home to get some dinner. I was gonna get Rad Na - ราดหน้า (Something similar to chinese Hor Fun) but then the rain started to pouring down. Mum called again and said I don't have to stop there coz it rained heavily and we will just eat normal omlette instead. That sounded absolutely horror to me as I had really bad lunch so I was looking to have decent dinner. After using my brain power to come up with where to stop, I decided to stop by at Bon Marche to seek food without getting wet.

Bon Marche is called "rich people's market" for the clean and dry wet market. In the past few years, it started to branch out from food hawker stalls and fresh market to restaurants, local shopping stores and fitness center. It is very busy especially during lunch hour and weekend for people food shopping.

I looked around for food at hawker stalls first but as it rained increadibly heavy, seemed like everyone was already packed and gone home. So I stopped at Japanese restaurant, Ashita.

Despite being small, the food here is quite nice and cheap. Might not be as authentic as other restaurants in Silom or Thong lor area but I think it is better than chained Fuji restuarant. The only down side is the small variety of dishes. Anyhow I always notice that they are always come up with new dishes every now and then.

I made my to-go order for Katsu-curry rice, fried tofu with sauce (Age Tofu), Yakisoba, Tempura, and Katsu-don. It costed me only Baht360 (about USD11) for all of these.

The best dish among this is definitely Yakisoba. I don't know for others but this is very up to my liking. I really like their sauce which makes yakisoba very juicy.

Katsu curry is also one of my fave dish. Crispy fried pork fillet just goes very well with fruity curry sauce.

Funny enough after I bought the food, I still had to do some mind-mapping whether the road I drove would be flooded or not. Rainy season is the only time of the year that I wish to drive 4x4 car instead of Honda Jazz so I don't have to deal with flood. Don't know if it rains to heavily or Bangkok actually sink.

Japanese Restaurant
Bon Marche (right next to Daddy Dough shop)

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