Saturday, 3 April 2010

Bangkok: Jae Rin's fried fish ball

Today is the last day of my language class for this course. I was pretty much eager to go to university since I haven't been there for 3 weeks now (class canceled). After taking the test and received our certificate, we were going to apply for the next course but turned out the admin room was closed. Much to our disappointment, we went out for lunch, hoping to have Som tam (Thai papaya salad) and other E-sarn dishes. It turned out the shop is closed today. Seemed like nothing is going our way today.

We decided to have lunch at wherever was available around Tha Pra Chan (ท่าพระจันทร์) area since it was already 12.15pm. I had some Spaghetti in Tom Yam soup, it was okay. Not the best but not awful. After lunch, we were still craving some snacks so we decided to have the tasty fried fish ball in front of 7/11.

We never noticed the stall's name until today, it was called Jae Rin (เจ๊ริน). The sign basically said she sells fish ball making from real fish with tasty dipping sauce. She does not lie about that!

That's the pool of fish ball in hot oil for you. The fish balls are really nice, not too much of flour. The dipping sauce is sweet and spicy which goes very well with fish balls. You must have it when it is hot (or at least warm) coz the cold fish ball will be too sticky. I don't know exactly how she sells it. Usually, we will just go by Baht20 which will be enough to share for 2 after lunch or Baht20 portion for hungry soul when we didn't have any lunch.

I guess it wasn't a bad day after all :)

Jae Rin (เจ๊ริน)
in front of 7/11 Tha Pra Chan branch, Bangkok

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  1. Normally, I don't like fried fish balls. But I have to admit that this one is very good. XDD