Friday, 17 December 2010

Tokyo: Odaiba Takoyaki Museum

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While me and friend were waiting for train to Odaiba, we saw an advert saying something about Odaiba Takoyaki Museum just opened so we decided that after exploring Fuji TV, we would try some there instead of the ramen stadium.

Odaiba Takoyaki Museum is located on 4th floor or Deck or where the Joypolis is. You can walk along the terrace walk away, with magnificent view of rainbow bridge, from Daiba station. It isn't a big eating area but more like a corner of it.

There were 5 Takoyaki stalls/shops with different styles to try on. We were approached by some staff from the middle stall called "Juhachi-ban" who show us that they put some crispy thing into their takoyaki so we decided to try their sample set.

1000yen set - 2 soft drinks with 3 types of takoyaki

It came with 3 styles of takoyaki balls, 4 balls for each. The first one was original flavour with the usual takoyaki sauce and mayonaise. It was alright - the usual, nothing much.

The next one was takoyaki with salt. I must admit that I was very skeptical as it wasn't the usual taste I have with takoyaki. It turned out to be incredible good! I like this type the most. Somehow the salt brings out the best taste of takoyaki with over-powering it. So highly recommended esp. for foreigners like me who are used to the taste of takoyaki with sauce and mayo.

The last one was takoyaki dipping in the dachi soup. Again, always skeptical about it esp. when I read article or see on TV about, it turned out to be good also.

We really like these takoyakis but still weren't satisfied our big tummy, so T went to buy takoyaki with mentaiko sauce from "Sea & Sun" stall. The mentaiko sauce wasn't that strong. If you like mild taste, you probably like it. It was alright for me. Still the one from Juhachi-ban stall was the best in my opinion.

It was good fun for me and friends as we were eating and "student" watching as it seems like Odaiba is where students will come for school trip. We started to realise that men in these country are dare-devil when it comes to fashion. Noticing this boy carrying pink leopard print bag did bring me so much amusement. He seemed to act like a wild child. How nice would it be if all vocational school students in Bangkok who usually fit with each other on street will start carrying Hello Kitty! bags.

Odaiba Takoyaki Museum
Odaiba, Tokyo

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  1. If takoyakis in Thailand looked like those, I'd eat them more. They look so good with all the toppings and there's actual filling, not just flour!