Thursday, 25 November 2010

Kuala Lumpur: Makan

I came back from my Japan trip since Monday but has been too busy sorting my life (and pictures) out that I didn't have time to blog. I then realised that I haven't posted some food I had during my trip to KL. I feel like if I don't blog this now, I will never blog about it which would be a big waste coz they really deserved to be mentioned. So Japan blogs will come after this.


Back to my KL trip, originally, my colleague/friend F would want to take me to Jalan Alor for street food on the first day that I got there. However, when we met, change of plan coz she felt like it is too dangerous for only us 2 girls to visit the area considered that it is red light district next to it. Well, there is no safe place even when you are working in Sexual and Reproductive Health field as long as you are woman!

So after browsing around KL shopping area, F walked me to this nice restaurant just behind Mandarin Oriental Hotel in KLCC called
"Delicious". A restaurant decorated in white based with green-blue colour. I first ordered the recommended drink by F which was watermelon & lychee blast. Usually, I don't order watermelon stuff coz I find it too bland but mixing with lychee is actually working very well. Really enjoy the drinks so much.

I was keen on trying Malaysian dish so ordered Nasi Lemak which the waiter later told me it was already sold out. So our waiter recommended some menu for me, I decided to try their Shredded Duck Confit pasta with sun-dried tomatoes. It looked small but the portion was more than enough. A little bit oily but the taste was perfectly done. Really like this pasta a lot. I can still feel my mouth watering just thinking about this menu.

We also ordered Potato wedge and warm chicken salad to share. F has ordered herself Shepperd's pie (no picture) which was kinda like crazy move. Two girls with four huge dishes on table. Anyhow, the dressing for chicken salad was incredibly good. The amount of balsamico was just right and it didn't taste to strong to overpower the salad. While potato wedge is basically potato wedge. Not bad, not super awesome.

It was a nice place to sit down, dine and catch up with friends. Food was amazing. If I happen to be around KL again, I would definitely make a stop to try their food some more. Highly recommended!


In my original plan, I should visit
"Old Town White Coffee" restaurant for their food in Pavilion but turned out that due to my limitation on time, I couldn't really fit any more meal into it. So at the airport after immigration, I found that there is "Old Town" restaurant located near the aerotrain linking between terminal. I decided to stop by for dinner since I hate plane food so it is best for me to eat dinner now or else I wouldn't get to eat any.

It is self-service so basically you pay for your food first and wait til your number is called and pick that up at counter. I ordered myself Ipoh Chicken Hor-fun which is chicken rice noodle soup. Hor-fun is probably referring to noodle, if I'm not wrong. Anyway, if you order hor-fun in Singapore, you will get noodle with sticky gravy sauce on top or we call in Thai "Rad Na" (ราดหน้า) so I'm not too sure if the sense of hor-fun is different between Malaysia or Singapore.

Anyway, the soup was mild and in good taste. I did add some chili sauce to add some heat into it. It was pleasant eat along with my white iced tea. Definitely good choice for airport food and it wasn't too ripped off if you asked me. I should spare my tummy for kaya toast and soft boiled egg next time!


Marc Residence A-6-01, Ground Floor
No 3, Jalan Pinang, Kuala Lumpur

Tel. 603 2166 9099

Old Town White Coffee

KL International Airport
Open: 24 Hours

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  1. Yes, airplane food sucks! I wonder if there's any airline that actually has good food. I'm looking forward to your Japan pics! I'm sure the food pics will be mouth-watering.