Friday, 2 April 2010

Tokyo: Genkatsu

To celebrate my new blog, I decided to walk down my memory lane with my 2009 trip in Japan. It was the trip that I was taking charge in finding out good food in Tokyo and Sapporo. I did quite quite good research which made everyone satisfied with the food choices I suggested (and even in good price!).

On the second day of our stay in Japan, it was raining cats and dogs in Tokyo so we had to change our plan around. We ended up having early lunch at Genkatsu (ゲンカツ) at Ginza.

The shop is located on 3rd floor of Ginza Akuto Building. Genkatsu is famous for their layered Tonkatsu and they even offered them in 7 flavours (Plain, Cheese, Garlic, Black Pepper, Negi, Plum and Yuzu). You can also choose your miso soup whether you want white or red miso. I prefer the red miso much more than white.

After we placed our order, the staff brought us plates and also free flow of sliced cabbages. We waited for our food about 15 minutes, that's not too bad considered they were making the food once you ordered and also the fact that there were only 2 tables when we came in. They have sweet sauce, soy sauce and salt for dipping pleasure.

Do not feel intimidated by rice bucket they served, that was for 3 people.

I ordered Garlic Tonkatsu while my other 2 buddies were ordering cheese ones.

Tonkatsu was crisp outside and very tender inside. The garlic tasted very nice, not too garlic-y that you won't be able to talk to people all day. It was a great combination with Tonkatsu, it did bring out the sweet taste of pork.

I took a bite of cheese tonkatsu and it was also good. Cheese went very well with Tonkatsu. I'm sure other flavours are also good, wish we could try black pepper one! I will definitely make a visit to Genkatsu again if I go to Japan.

Ginza Akuto Bdg 3F
4-6-18 Ginza, Chuo, Tokyo Prefecture, Japan
+81 3-3567-1129

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